Hats and Sunglasses That Flatter Your Face Shape

Hats and Sunglasses That Flatter Your Face Shape

Ward off the sun with a good ‘ol hat and fair of stunning shades. This article shows you how to make the right choices.

Oval-shaped Face

Hat: You can wear almost any hat shape. However, full hats with a large brim are best bet. For petite girls, opt for smaller brims.
Sunglasses: Try varying sized oval shapes that are as broad as or broader than your cheekbones.

Round-shaped Face

Hat: To add length to your face, opt for a hat with a square-ish crown and an asymmetrical brim, such as a fedora hat or a pageboy cap. Stay away from flowerpot and bucket hats.
Sunglasses: Go for rectangular shapes to make your face appear longer and thinner.

Square-shaped Face

Hat: Soften square edges by choosing a cap with an asymmetrical brim and an adorned crown placed at a slant. Try a beret, fedora hat or a pageboy cap. Also try putting earrings when wearing hats to soften the sharp jaw line.
Sunglasses: Choose frames wider than the widest part of your face in horizontal or oval shapes. Try a pair of over-sized shades. Look for styles with special details at the top and at the bottom curve to draw focus away from the jaw line.

Long-shaped Face

Hat: Go for a bucket hat or baseball cap. Hair should be tucked behind the ears or gathered at low pony to cut the long vertical visual. Also, avoid tall hats.
Sunglasses: Make your face appear shorter or wider by going for frames with strong horizontal lines or round, deep or low triangle shapes. Avoid over-sized sunglasses as they will only emphasize a narrow face.

Triangular-shaped Face

Hat: Emphasize your eyes and draw focus away from the jaw line by wearing a hat with a short, uneven brim and a stunning crown. A partly hidden face draws the focus directly to the center, which are your eyes. Try a pageboy cap or a fedora hat set at a slant.
Sunglasses: Look for square-ish shapes with details at the top of the frame. Pick aviator styles with a straight top to add width to the forehead and soften the lines of the cheeks and chin.

Heart-shaped Face

Hat: Draw attention upwards by choosing a hat that sits high on the head and has eye-catching prints or trimmings. Go for a trucker hat or a cowboy hat. Add character by adorning it with a corsage or a pin, or pearls or ribbons.
Sunglasses: Look for styles with a rounded top and a square bottom. Aviators are a good choice. Also opt for rimless styles with light lenses to soften the width at the eye line.

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lindalulu, posted this comment on Aug 14th, 2009

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Really great article with attractive illustrations. Well done, and have my liked it.

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I love hats? Makes you feel like dancing. Well written and an enjoyable read. Like it!

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With relevant photos this article is a masterpiece…loved it..

Christine Ramsay, posted this comment on Aug 16th, 2009

I must admit I vary rarely wear a hat as it flattens my hair but this summer I have worn one in the sun to protect my colour. It has made a difference. Good tips.


Nikita K, posted this comment on Aug 17th, 2009

Even though Britain doesn’t get a lot of sun throughout the year, this is a good fashion guide worth bearing in mind for every girl when she makes her purchase. Smart article.

Dundas20012002, posted this comment on Aug 17th, 2009

I would have to get a sex change, and I don’t see that happening, to take full advantage of this very good article. Jullie Ann you go from better to very good to excellent.

CA Johnson, posted this comment on Aug 17th, 2009

Great article, cute princess. I am always wearing a hat and sunglasses. Judging from the pics, I’m happy to know that I am using the right ones.

LoveDoctor, posted this comment on Aug 21st, 2009

Good article! I love the brown sunglasses for the oval-shaped face. I am not really sure what type of face I have. I do have chubby cheeks but my face is long on the jaw. Anyhow, I do own a few pairs of designer sunglasses but they are small. I like the big ones but at a few stores that I have shopped at before, usually they have told me the glasses are too big for my face… Good fashion article…. maybe if you have time you can go to my page and judging from the pic you can tell me what you think my face shape is. thanks:)

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